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Welcome to the world of the doers. We are The Doers Online Talks Community. Talks make talks done. Everything can be done only by a talk. The solution to each problem starts with a talk. So we want to talk to make a talk happen. This is an attempt to give opportunity to unite those people, who believe in proving themselves on the strength of their actions. This is a new beginning for those who want to transform their frequent failures into spectacular success by virtue of their doings. Those who are tired of working hard, studying day and night, whose fate is not supporting them, now their doings will take them to their destination. In the present great age of knowledge-revolution, human intelligence should be utilized only for the great creative works, but it is our misfortune that it is only entangled in the attainment of happiness and success.

This community of doers is the ray of hope that will turn your defeat into victory. Every person has his own special things. Despite frequent failures in exams of school, you can achieve great success in exams of life, if you are a doer. Always keep in mind that the real exam of your life is taken by your life itself. Human intelligence cannot be tested by school or competitive examinations but exam of life only. So passing in the exam of life is the real success. Every person has dreams but he who dares to do fulfills his dreams. By becoming a doer, you can achieve great success in every test of life. Let us together create a new definition of success. If you believe in your doings, join The Doers Online Community today and take the first step towards success to get life motivation. Your doings will definitely get you incredible success and infinite happiness. Be a doer and get success in every walks of life.

Happy Doings !


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Become a Member

If you want to change in and around yourself, then become an active and aware member of your community right now. As a dedicated member you will be able to change and improve the things around you in the best way possible. By becoming a member, you become an important part of your community and now you are not alone at all. Join your community today to receive and realize the amazing power of unity.


Give a Talk

Words create life, Words change life. Words care life. We just need words to create life the best it can be, to change it, and to take care of it. A talk can change and improve many lives. Have talks on issues that are helpful in improving and living life to the fullest. Share your innovative ideas and have transformative talks with the people of your community. Use the incredible powers hidden in words for change and improvement.


Take Part

First of all, ensure your indispensable role in the great cause of social change and improvement and participate in its initiation, continuation and perfection with full will. In order to enrich and enhance the community, you should fulfill your role as a sensible and responsible member with all sincerity. Become an active participant in all programs of change, perfection and improvement with full passion. 



Become a changemaker yourself to bring change around you. Ignite innovative ideas in your community and influence the people around you for positive change, big improvement and absolute perfection in their lives. Generate hope and hard work in people's lives by becoming an exemplary example of change and success in your community. Try to create positive changes in people's lives by your words, personality and behavior. 



Any Body Can Do Everything

Hello world ! I am Praveen Kumar, an extraordinary example of frequent failures but constant commitment who wants to become a warrior of words. I am here to make you believe that Any Body Can Do Everything. My only dream is that all your failures turn into successes and you all have a dream come true, no matter how incompetent you may be. I want to introduce you with the power of doings and convince you that your doings can change you and your luck too. Our doings are the creators of our destiny. We can get everything through our doings. Birth may not make a man great but his doings would definitely make him great. There is immense power in unity. The work that seems impossible to do alone seems like a child's play when done together. My wish is to unite all the unsuccessful people of the world, who still have little courage or hope to do anything purposeful in their hearts. Start transforming your failure into success just by your actions. Connect yourself with the doers around you and get connected with the success you want. We all should always remember that many a little makes a mickle. This is applicable to our efforts too. Every small effort counts. Let's start doing small and start achieving big.   Just trust your actions. Your actions only will provide you everything. Only the doers make the impossible things possible. Just be a dedicated doer right now. Start it today to fulfill your dreams as a doer on the strength of unity. Just do, dare and dream it now.

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